Extensions to the side- Check out my favourite salon five

Since doing away with my hair extensions over the last 6 months or so, I’ve noticed that I’ve been soaking up the salon experience now more than ever.

So here’s a list of my current fav 5… from Soho to Weho:

George Northwood, 24 Wells Street, London W1T 3PH
They are without question the king of the bob cut and they were the first people I went to see when I wanted my hair cut short back last autumn. I’d removed my extensions and I didn’t just want a trim or just shorter hair, I wanted a statement bob, and these guys really know what they’re doing in that department. So ,most importantly – you can trust them.
Even though many high profile clients frequent their beautiful 2 floor salon, the stylists are all super friendly, especially George himself.
-The music is awesome thanks to “Stevie Boy” aka Stephen Ledbury who makes the playlist and is also the stylist who cuts my hair.
-They serve the prettiest tea with the shortbread home made by George’s Mum
-And they’re also brilliant at colouring, I’ve had a gloss twice now and loved the shine it gave my hair.

Kimble Studios, 8280 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046
I was so excited to get an appointment with these guys when I first spent a proper amount of time in LA. I’d of course heard of the notorious Kim Kimble, herself, as she’s Beyonce number 1 hair stylist, and let’s be honest if it’s good enough for the Queen B-  then I want IN.
Quite frankly there aren’t enough really good afro hair salons in the world and although there are many that I love : Errol Douglas is one B>, there could always be more.
And even though Kim herself styles the biggest star on the planet –  did you see the Superbowl hair? Everything…!!! The salon prices are not out of control and the staff & stylists are warm and welcoming.
On my first visit I was trialing a style that I then went on to wear at the Mobos. The wash, blow dry and tong was less than $80 (Remember ! they also do Bey)
So now they’re officially my go-to afro salon in LA.

Marc Trinder @ Charles Worthington, 28 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5BBI
My first experience with these guys was when I first hosted the BAFTA red carpet show for E! in 2015. This was my first job with the network and I wanted to make a good impression. Charles Worthington were BAFTA’s style partners along with Lancome for glam.
That’s when I met Marc Trinder. He is one of the Art Team Directors at CW and an all round lovely guy. Needless to say I loved what he achieved for me on that red carpet so much that we went on to work together again on the Mobo awards which I hosted last autumn and the British Fashion Awards. Not to mention the BFA nominee dinner.

Brasilian Blow Dry bar, 8969 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
They came highly recommended to me by Mel B, and as a fellow mixed race chick
I always take her beauty advice. It’s a small salon with an amazing owner called Odete who is the sweetest woman with a wonderful aura. And BOY do these guys know how to blow dry. I probably visit twice a week on average when I’m in LA, and it’s the prefect place to go after I’ve been working out and before a meeting.
They are VERY reasonably priced too for a standard shampoo and blow dry it’s $40 which at the time of writing works out at about £28!
Many places would charge you double that price and be only half as good!
Oh – and they actually are Brasilian too – maybe that’s why they also offer an amazing “Brasilian Blow dry” (the relaxer treatment, which lasts for up to 3 months)

Lorraine Dublin @ My Hair Bar, 22 Warren Street, London W1T 5LU
This salon is relatively new but the talent and experience that lies within it is not.
It’s co-owned by my most regular red carpet and TV stylist Lorraine Dublin, whom I’ve worked with on countless projects including in 2014 on the Xtra Factor. She’s warm, malleable, sweet and funny. But most importantly, if you have a vision, she will go to the end of the earth to bring it to life.
I love coming to this salon as the banter is always flowing in the way only a home from home salon does.
And there’s even a nail bar and beauty room on the premises too. Shout out the lovely Samantha the salon-talon queen.




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