From kinda sweet to super chic – up your game this Feb 14th ❤️

Stuck for a Valentine’s gift that doesn’t come from a chocolatier, florist or perfumery? Just like it did EVERY year 😴

Whether you’re buying for a romantic love, BFF, GBFF or just whoever means the most, I might have the answer: The humble, ancient, timeless and classic book….🤓😳 Waaaait not just ANY book but an ASSOULINE BOOK.

Assouline is a luxury publishing house who’ve been in business for over 20 years collecting and creating beautiful works that cover the genres of style, art, fashion, luxury travel, design, food and biographies. 

The kind of chic and glamorous hard copy, picture heavy books that make any room, coffee table or shelf start to look like it’s the back drop of Condé Nast shoot – or some enviable Instagram gallery.

A couple of years ago I gave my BBC radio show producer  some books for her birthday but I sent them over as an Apple gift so that she could download them all to enjoy on her device – neat huh?
Well maybe – ( you’ll have to ask her ) but for the most part and on reflection, I believe that you cannot deny the power of a tangible gift. More specifically the beauty of a weighty, smooth, glossy or magnificently matte statement book. And when it’s a hard copy, it’s much more like a special gift rather than the paper back novel or self help guide that you might pass on to a second hand shop or lend to a friend never to be seen again.

And that’s exactly what Assouline do best. I mean their strap line is “The Most Sophisticated Books in the World”. You do the Maths.

To save you some time, I’ve picked out for you 3 of my faves.

HIS OR HERS : The Big Book of Chic – by Miles Redd 

 An internationally acclaimed interior design sensation, Miles Redd is known for his quirky brand of cozy glamour. This lavishly illustrated volume features a diverse selection of his unique interiors, an inspiration to anyone interested in spirited, eclectic design. (Assouline) 


Photos – Assouline


…GQ Men captures the essence of what it means to look sharp and think smart —the magazine’s mantra— by showcasing the men who embody the GQ spirit…(Assouline) 


Photos – Assouline

FOR THE FASHIONISTA : Chanel + Dior  Duo Slipcase Gift set  ( 3 X Chanel books + 3 X Dior )

Chanel : This elegant slipcase set includes three Mémoire volumes celebrating Mademoiselle’s revolutionary style: Chanel Fashion, Chanel Jewelry, Chanel Perfume

Dior : In three retrospective volumes presented in a collectible slipcase, Dior captures the most enduring images from each decade of the brand’s rich history. Immortalizing Dior’s fashion, jewelry, and fragrance COLLECTIONS, this addition to Assouline’s Mémoire series presents an objet as chic as its subject. (Assouline)



Photos – Assouline

The Night Before BAFTA by Charles Finch 

NB ( available on pre-order, out 14th March)

Even before the Oscars, the buzz of the British Academy Film Awards gives a unique energy to awards season. A peek behind the velvet rope at the legendary star-studded bash hosted by Charles Finch on the eve of London s BAFTA Awards, BAFTA & The Night Before features iconic images of British actors and films, anecdotes from the party s guests and notable figures, and the story of the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts. ( Assouline)



Photos – Assouline

How to buy :
If you live in the US you can purchase direct from their website as they offer free delivery in the states. 

You can buy internationally from the site too of course but it’s then subject to import taxes.

If you live in the UK you can order many of their publications through trusty Amazon and search “Assouline” with options for next day delivery, (which is useful as 14th is on Sunday 😳)

They also have international stores/ libraries known as their boutiques in London, New York and other major cities. Check out the website for more info on that. 

Happy Valentine’s ❤️

“Fashion Wardrobe Gift set” Photos- Assouline

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