Tried and tested – This week’s beauty spotlight on FRESH😍 #BaftaPrep

Getting ready for the red carpet means making smart choices about what you do and when you do it. Meaning if I’m going to whack on a deep cleansing face mask or if I’m trying out a new brand I like to leave at least 48 hours before the event in case of any reactions or redness. Plus that way it gives the treatment time to bed in.


So this week I road tested a Fresh face and body box set to get my skin prepped and ready for the red carpet.

Fresh are an internationally available beauty brand, who pride themselves on being inspired by natural ingredients. Hence the “Brown Sugar Body Polish” 

Price range we’re talking medium to high so depending on your budget you might consider these to be products you use for your own personal “red carpet occasions”.



1. Using the Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil first, I removed my makeup with it as directed, by putting the oil straight onto dry skin, massaging in and then rinsing off. I was impressed by how easily my contour washed away. Admittedly if like me you have semi perm lashes you do have to be careful with oil based remover so avoid the eyes.

2. Straight after the oil and after most of the makeup was gone, I took the opportunity to move straight onto the Soy Face Cleanser. The consistency is gel esq which I normally don’t like in a face wash, I prefer more of a foam, but this guy is deceptively soapy. After the final rinse my face felt very clean and soft as if I’d used a mild exfoliater. 

3. Rolling through the treatments in my own special order I wasted no time in showering with the Sugar Lemon Bath & Shower Gel. THIS was my favourite item of the whole set. It smells delicious, and provides exactly the right level of foaming that I want in a shower product. This stuff is gorgeous on a sensorial level and the lemon flavour is massively addictive. The only downside to this item is you may tend to over use it. I nearly did half a bottle in my first go.

4. I then turned to the Brown Sugar Body Polish. You may think that was quite a back to front move from me, but I wanted to end on the product which would make me feel like I’m covered in a subtle layer of oil before bed. And it did that beautifully. Now I warn you the sugar particles seem massive when you first slap a handful over you and I normally prefer micro exfoliation, BUT as soon as you sweep over your skin it has this amazing sensation of feeling like it’s instantly collecting away dry skin cells. And when you rinse it off it’s like you’ve been to a spa!

5. After my pores were open and I’d used every item in the box I decided to give the Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask a go. After towel drying my face I applied what seemed like a mayo esq mask and waited for 5-10 mins as directed. Whenever I apply a mask I secretly want it to go super hard like clay as it takes me back to an early mask memory – me seeing my Mum with one on and the obligatory cucumber slices over her eyes lol. Ok so it didn’t clay up, but boy did it work. Within seconds it felt like a menthol, minty moment was gaining momentum on my face. PLEASE NOTE: This mask is not for the faint hearted – it is STRONG. If like me you have combination skin ( I’m oily around the nose cheeks and chin) then it works well. After feeling like I’d been inhaling eucalyptus through the pores of my skin I washed it off.  I was extremely impressed it felt like quite a deep level of extraction had taken place and 24 hours later my skin still feels ultra smooth.

6. Last thing before bed – and because it was there, I whacked on the Sugar Nude Lip Treatment which is essentially a posh lip balm. It was nice enough but I think better for daytime as it contains the subtlest tint. 

In conclusion it’s the perfect #RedCarpetPrep or good to use a day or two before a special occasion. 

Next time I’d like to go for the :




Or test out more for the face in the Black Tea Skincare Favourites including day, eye and night cream – £74

You can get Fresh in the US or the UK with an online shop for both territories as well as internationally:

Or visit the store:


  • 92 Marylebone High Street, London


  • 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles
  • 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles 

With the product also being carried across California as a concession in the likes of Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Sephora.

FRESH in New York 

  • 57 Spring Street, between Mulberry St. and Lafayette St. New York, 
  • 388 Bleecker Street, between Perry St. and West 11th St. New York 
  •  872 Broadway, corner of Broadway and 18th St. New York, 
  • 159 Columbus Avenue, corner of Columbus and 67th St.

With the product been carried as a concession in the department stores as listed in CA and in addition to NY Barneys.

For your nearest store in the world, head to the website.


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