Two nights in New York – Green living in the Big Apple🍏🍎

My last trip to NYC was as a meat-eater nearly 2 years ago, so when I visited for a couple of days this week it was to be my first time seeing how the vegan land was to lie. I also needed to work out where I was going to lie !(down) 😂

So I stayed at the quirky  Row hotel –
an establishment which over the last 90 years has been known as The Lincoln, The Manhattan and The Milford. And in 2014 it got it’s new name and a refurb. I thought I was indecisive! 


So I checked into a room on the 16th floor,  and out came the camera phone as soon as I noticed that there was a party painted on the door. 

And the pop art didn’t stop there, above the bed was a banner that wouldn’t have been out of place at a diner. At first glance the “restaurant” sign confused me because as usual, just like in my life, it took me a while to appreciate the “rest” element ! 

And rest I did … Well for 4 hours anyway. “The jet-lag is strong with you Crawford” the voices  were saying. So as usual, I got on Google to plan the day ahead. Shortly after I got my squat game on down at the hotel gym and after some porridge and berries in City Kitchen‘s #DistrictM I moseyed off into Manhattan.

Good hair day …  

Lately I’ve been enjoying a dark brown/ caramel tone through my hair since having it cut but after the sea salt of the Seychelles, my beach bettered hair was in need of some salon TLC.

You know me, I love a search engine suggestion so after reading about the “Top 10 Salons in NYC” for colouring I headed to the Drawing Room on Spring Street.

And these guys did not disappoint ! It normally takes me many enrolment conversations to achieve the look I’m after but the stylist knew exactly what I was after and nailed it within a couple of short hours. It helps that they’re all lovely too.

Viva la vegan …

My initial plan had been to seek out the veggie establishments in the midtown area since I was staying moments from Times Square but after a cut and colour at the salon in Soho that afternoon, I decided to take my grumbling belly downtown.

Awaiting me was Red Bamboo 140 West 4th Street 😍 

All you need to know is :

– the food is BEYOND tasty

– it’s 100% vegan – (yes including the chicken wings )

– they serve vegan milkshakes that the best Amercan diner would jealous of,

– And it’s a fusion of Asian and southern soul food  …I mean when I saw Carribean Jerk Spiced Seitan on the menu it was a wrap !

SO ! I came, I saw and I coloured. Until next time New York ! ✌🏾️

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