LAFW – Fashion in the city of Angels

With admittedly less kudos than New York but observably more sunshine and smile than Paris, LAFW is yapping at the heels of the fashion four like a dog on Californian heat this week, and I for one was more than happy to feed the proverbial pup by hosting the official Gala of (the O’Gara partnered) Los Angeles Fashion Week. 🐶🐶

With the Cali catwalks already underway as of Sunday 13th March, this weekend will see a handful of final designers showcase their AW16 collections to eagerly awaiting fashion fans up until Sunday 20th.

  Photos courtesy of Huffington Post   

Now I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dreading being dressed in a sparkly ball gown or an Oscar-esq ensemble due to it being fashion + LA, but it actually proved to = quite an interesting and eclectic mix of designers that I was to chose my outfit from. 
On the night I decided upon a simple navy dress with some interesting detail from emerging talent Toit Volant ( pronounced like “Trois – voll-awn” ) which I LOVED. Her pieces remind me of a slightly edgier version of upscale high street brand Cos. Another fashion favourite of mine.
Photo courtesy of M Benedict


Photo courtesy of 
Venue wise, the shindig took place at Columbia Square in Hollywood and attracted a healthy turn out of around 600 people and surrounded by human sculptures covered in silvery white makeup (with matching Mary Antoinette hair), I made my way to the runway inspired stage and got my hosting duties going.    

 Throughout the evening, I also had the pleasure of introducing to the stage, the very talented, “pop-alt” singer Eric Zayne, LA based singer song writer Danielle Livingston and super cool babe / Pharrell’s protege Ashley Maxine

If you’re west coast or just interested in which designers are showing and when, head to 

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