Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins-my Top 4 takeaways from this transformational weekend 

Have you ever had a friend or relative who when you speak to them, makes a whole lot of sense ? Every time you have a heart to heart with them or ask their advice you feel lifted after the conversation and as though you’ve been able to re-charge your “batteries” / positive energy for another spell of time ? Multiply that by 1000 and you’ve got Tony Robbins

He’s been my “friend” for nearly 10 years now, after I was introduced to his work by my good friends / extended family Amos Pizzey and Lisa I’Anson, revealing himself to me more and more as the years pass, and as he himself becomes even better at what he does.
No I don’t know him personally ( I mean high fived him at the event but that’s been it so far 😂 ) but he’s who I’ve turned to for enlightening and motivational words of wisdom when I’ve tried to achieve something great, overcome a challenging time, or have just desired to fulfill my full potential. Which is often.

So one of the things on my bucket list was to attend his famous Unleash the Power Within (UPW) seminar and do the firewalk. ( the signature event of walking over actual hot coals on day 1 ) It’s one of his introductory seminars that’s ideal to do before any of the more hardcore ones that are part of his Mastery University.

As the website says :

“It’s a live 3 ½ day event with Tony Robbins designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire. Learn how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your goals and improve the quality of your life.”

And being that I was already due to be back in the US after a trip out of town, I decided to attended the UPW in West Palm Beach, Florida from 9-13th March, which by the way is a very pretty place.  



So is Robbins the real deal? 

Tony doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk too. Firstly, he has undeniably fulfilled a whole heap of his own potential. As a self made entrepreneur in the personal development space, he’s built an INCREDIBLE brand which specializes in elite human performance, nutrition, business, finance and relationships. His products include seminars, a huge library of CDs and books, his philanthropic efforts have seen him feed over 101 million people and his personal wealth is estimated to be around the $500 million mark. Not too shabby then for a man who once had no food at Thanks Giving when he was young boy. 

Plus at his 4 day seminar UPW, at 56 years old, on two separate days he was on stage for no less than 15 hours straight, with barely a break (and I mean only for 20 mins on one of the days). He didn’t even take a moment from his rousing rhetoric for a sip of water.

And by the way – when he’s on stage he’s jumping around, speaking and shouting with an incredible power and passion, not to mention that he talks with no script, whilst aiming to get the best out of each and every one of his paying guests.

I waited two weeks to post this after having done the seminar, as I wanted to be sure I wasn’t writing it from the amazing high of the weekend and to ultimately see if what I’d been taught had stayed with me and had therefore been an effective use of my time and money. And do you know what, it has and it was. 


The seminar, which includes the famous firewalk on day 1, is designed to help you re-program your mind and body in order for you to move forward in an optimal state for achieving personal happiness, your career goals and just about anything else that is your destiny to acquire.
The next UPW event is in London at the ExCel Centre from 7th- 10th April and there are still the cheapest tickets left so let me share with you my  Top 4 take-aways from the event in case you are interesting in investing in yourself and transforming your life !

Top 4 take-aways from Tony Robbins’ UPW seminar :

1. We all have six human needs and we will do anything to satisfy them, even if it means sabotaging our values for them.

Apparently we all prioritize these needs in a different order. 
The need for: 

– Certainty 

– Uncertainty 

– Significance 

– Love and Connection 

– Growth 

– Contribution

We will always as human beings want to satisfy these needs but in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life that gives you more pleasure than pain we need to look at how we end up meeting them.

For example, are we hanging onto unhealthy relationships with friends or loved ones to satisfy our need for certainty ?
Are we satisfying our need for significance by competing with others, or by destroying and tearing down those around us to make us feel more significant?

Tony teaches you to find empowering ways to satisfy these needs as opposed to the addiction fueled dis-empowering ways we may already be using.

2. You can get yourself into a “Peak State” regardless of how good or bad your external environment is … allowing you to prime yourself to be unstoppable for the task at hand.
As we’ve all felt before , some things in life are very tough to face and certain action steps that we know we must take  can feel almost impossible to execute. Tony teaches you to break through these moments and get yourself into a “peak state ” ( an expression you’ll keep hearing ) using , 

– physiology (your body)

– language (what are you telling yourself and how it’s been told)

– focus (what you zero in on)

3. If you identify limiting beliefs in your life that are stopping you moving forward you can replace them with new empowering beliefs. 

In the line above, I’ve just made this sound like the most basic and simplistic thing in the world – we all know it’s not. But done over hours of emotional processes, using Tony’s brilliant speaking, amazing music, good lighting and the energy of thousands of people in the room all on the same mission, Robbins invites you to break down the fear constructed walls of what’s been holding you back for most of your life only to re-build with a brand new set of beliefs. Prepare to look your darkest truths in the eye.  

It was by far THE most powerful mind work that I’ve ever done and it was life changing. 

He calls it the Dickens process , i.e., what happened to Scrooge and how he changed his life after he was visited by three ghosts. It’s genius. 

4. Create an environment in your actual body that nurtures and heals. 
One of the seminar days is dedicated to the philosophy of health, and how IF we keep our bodies running at an optimal level we will be granted with the energy and vitality to do all the unstoppable things we need to. 
Tony and his team go over 12 master principles of how to lead a Vital life, and much to my excitement it included teachings about the massive benefits of a vegan and green living.

Some of 12 principles include: 

The power of hydration and live foods, the power of aerobic energy plus the importance of eliminating the poison of animal flesh and dairy to name but a few.

Tony also presents a 10 day challenge starting the day you exit the seminar.

My final notes to you on UPW

CDs and books are great but you can’t beat seeing him in the flesh :

Tony is unlike any other speaker I’ve seen in action, he has empathy but he keeps it very real, his energy levels are through the roof and NEVER seem to falter, he’s a brilliant story teller, and at times extremely funny. You feel changed after you watch and listen to him.

Be prepared to go the distance: 

Even though he talks for hours on end and we’re all used to taking a certain amount of breaks in any given working day, he’s so engaging that you probably won’t want to miss a single word. You will surprise yourself with how much energy and focus you can muster up , but take snacks to keep you going, unless you have the most expensive tickets – which provide meals, and wear a couple of layers of clothing as they keep the room VERY COLD ( I’m sure to keep everyone alert and Tony from overheating )
Don’t hold back:

I read this piece of advice online in a review of UPW before I went and it was a great note to take. There are lots of ice breaking esq challenges that involve you making contact with many strangers over the weekend ( unless you stick with your friend / family member to do all the challenges with, which I’d advise against ) not to mention the singing and crazy dancing. And you just won’t get as much out of it if you don’t go H.A.M

Life post UPW

So two weeks down the line as the dust has settled on my experience, although  I’m not as insanely high as the way I floated out of that conference room in West Palm Beach, ( this is natural so be presided for that ) I’ve taken time out each day to work on myself as fulfilling your potential and creating an extraordinary life, is of course much more than just a weekend seminar and very much dependent on a daily discipline of development.

I have been executing a morning ritual each day before work, meetings, filming, Djing – which includes meditation, music, exercise and gratitude prayer. Plus I’ve been continuing to educate myself of how I can be better with some daily reading. My current book is Black Hole Focus by Isaiah Hankel (recommended to me by a friend I made at the seminar)

I’ve also booked myself onto another seminar, @TaiLopez and his- Private Mentor Conference taking place on two of my days off this week, tomorrow 29th and Wednesday 30th March to continue investing in my development. If you are not familiar with him, check him out www.tailopez.com

Ultimately though the tools and technology that I’m taking away from UPW will change how I operate forever more. And to close, I can safely say that after ACTUALLY getting into the peak state that led me to walk over hot coals on day one– to crushing my limiting beliefs into smithereens by day 3, In the words of Haddaway 


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