Conquering comfort food – Vegan style 😋

Since returning to my home town for a brief spell I couldn’t help but feel the need to consume some good old fashioned comfort food. It’s been a while since I’ve been back in London and away from my health obsessed home of West Hollywood and quite frankly when I first touched down on terra firma I couldn’t be arsed to cook. 

So via Deliveroo, a Double Decker bus and a Dinner date for one, here are my top three comfort food feasts.

1. Pie ‘N’ Mash from Goddard’s , 22 King William Walk – Greenwich – London SE10 9HU

Nothing says east / south east London like traditional Pie and Mash ( don’t forget the liquor) and nobody could be happier about the new age vegan option than me.

Goddard’s a famous Pie & Mash shop who have been going for over 125 years !!! do a unique meat free / soy mince pie aka the “Banks Pie” with the usual mash on the side and option of liquor poured on top. NB: Liquor is made from water, flour and parsley and this vegan option is not made using the old-school stewed eel water as it once was. Thank goodness.

This whole dish, including the pastry and mash, is all dairy free. And did I mention you can get your pie, mash and liquor for a mere £5.20!

2. Spinach lasagne with Vegamisu from Just F.A.B (Vegitalian Food and Beverage) 455 Hackney Road – London E2 9DY

This place is just awesome, I mean you can dine on a double decker bus for a start, and once you’ve let that novelty sink in, the food is combination of Italiano and vegetarian.

My very cheesey and very creamy dinner and dessert choices were completely meat and dairy free – I know, genius. As pictured above please behold : The “Just Lasagne” and the “Vegamisu ” ( vegan Tiramisu 😍😍😍)

3. Burger and Potatoe wedges from  Farmacy , 74 Westbourne Grove – London W2 5SH

Another new and wonderful discovery for me on my trip back to the capital was Farmacy, a new veggie / vegan gastro style establishment which has set up digs on the border of Bayswater and Notting Hill. It’s mantra is the Hippocrates quote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” … So in that vain the interior is a cool and clever play on the style of an actual Pharmacy ( I know sounds odd. But you have to see it)

I dived straight in at the comfort food deep end with this, the “Farmacy Burger”.

So while we’re waiting for the so called summer sun, get comfortable! 🌱🍽

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