One year veggie and 10 things I’ve learned …ย 

A little over 12 months ago I was chowing down on at least 3 meals a day, every one of which contained meat, dairy or both. If at that point you’d have told me I’d soon be living as a vegan, I’d have told you emigrating to Australia was more likely.

But what started off as a 21 day challenge to chat about on my radio show has ended as a permanent status.

Surprisingly meat and dairy has been one of easiest things to say goodbye to in my life. Easier than giving up white refined sugar and nail biting to name a few …So if you’re interested in joining the veggie club – here’s 10 things I’ve learned since becoming vegan :

1. Tofu is the truth 
Scrambled or stir fried, this soya bean curd medium helped me to beautifully transition from meat to “meat is murder” (word to Morrissey

Tofu is an amazing meat substitute, with lots of versatility plus is low in calories but high in protein and iron.

NB: Soya beans are often subject to Genetic Modification, which may not be that healthy for us, (the research isn’t there for us to know for sure, since it’s such a new concept) so always go for Tofu and Soy products that are Non GMO.

In the UK my favourite Non GMO tofu brand is Cauldren which you can find in Waitrose and other supermarkets. And in the US there are many but a good one is Nasoya .


2. If Tofu is not for you, Seitan is your Saint 

Some like to avoid soy so in that case, Seitan is your man. Made from vital wheat gluten, it also contains a high protein count, and it’s a brilliant alternative to meat if you’re missing the substance and texture of it.

NB: Seitan seems to a bit more few and far between compared to getting hold of tofu, but brand wise I recommend Sweet Earth Foods which you can pick up in both the UK and US.

3. People are more understanding of you quitting meat than booze

I sh*t you not, if you decide you’re being dry for the month people will say “come on mate let’s just have a couple”. But they’ll NEVER peer pressure you into a steak when you say you’re against eating meat. Well not seriously anyway.๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜‚

4. The veggie lifestyle rubs off on the people around you 

As you can imagine, on many occasions I am drawn into fierce debates with the passionate meat eaters in my life. But oftentimes when the dust has settled, I’ll received messages from some of them saying things like “I’m trying vegan protein powder in my workout shake instead of Whey this week” or “you’d be proud of me I bought some almond milk today ” and “here’s some vegan brownies I made”    (  Shout out baking queen Emma McQuiston ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

So, don’t be deterred, keep spreading the good word.

5. Xmas dinner was still amazing if not better
Thanks to delicious nut roasts, brands like Tofurkey , and the Vodafone advert that made us all fall in love with an actual Turkey ) I enjoyed one of the best Xmas dinners ever last year with my family. You can even get vegan pigs in blankets AND Xmas pudding. 

6. I have so much more love for animals – all creatures great and small 

Not surprisingly my compassion for everything on god’s green earth has grown greater than I ever could imagine. Once the girl that would ignorantly and selfishly rock a brand new fur coat with no remorse, I now I find myself spending a good 10 mins rescuing an insect from my bath, sink or shower.

PS: check out my earlier blog post on my fav Cruelty Free Fashion Brands since I got rid of the fur.

7. Dessert is still delicious

-You can buy vegan Chocolate and Ice cream from amazing brands such as Booja Booja , Hotel Choloat and So Delicious to name but a small few :

-Many supermarkets do a Free-From range when you’re swerving the dairy. Big up Sainsbury’s  :


-you can even get vegan custard and squirty cream ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

Refer back to my earlier posts on veggie / vegan restaurants to see who’s kicking some non dairy ass in the dessert despartment.

8. Your kitchen stays cleaner 
No matter how much of a tight ship you think you run, it’s the germs you can’t see that worry me.

If you’re storing the likes of raw meat, and dairy in your fridge, plus heating up meat in your microwave, I guarantee your E.coli and Salmonella levels are higher than mine. ๐Ÿค”

(Peep this : Meat eaters beware )

9 . There is more restaurant choice than ever before

Just when I thought I’d be restricted:  From London to Manchester, LA to NY and Istanbul to Ibiza, I’ve sampled many new dishes in tonnes of un-conquered veggie restaurants.

See my blog posts on food to find out more.

And ….

10. Your loved ones will STILL dine with you 

Just when I also thought I’d become a social misfit of the veggie variety, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a long list of my friends and family would accompany me to vegan restaurants AND would even let me cook them a veggie meal. Yes, a couple went down fighting, but they all came up smiling.

Want to give up meat ? 

If you’re interested in becoming veggie, vegan or just trying it out / detoxing for a short time, check out some of my favourite sites to help you on your journey:

PETA – People for the ethical treatment of animals. Learn the truth about the treatment of the animals you end up eating and wearing.

The 22 Day Revolution – The collaboration between Beyonce and chef Marco Borges getting you to trial Veganism for 3 weeks.   This was the trial I went on which turned me into a fully fledged veggie.!!

Juice Master – Enrol onto one of Jason Vale aka the Juice Master’s veggie friendly ( and mostly vegan ) Juice detox programmes to reset some of your eating habits.

Deliciously Ella –  Read her blog / download her beautiful app for fully vegan recipes plus tips for breakfast, lunch and dinner which are 100% clean too.

Wholefoods – An amazing store located in the UK and the USA ( and Canada ๐Ÿ˜Š) stocking EVERYTHING I mentioned above.

Planet Organic – A little smaller than the aforementioned Wholefood but this amazing niche UK store has vegan cheeses , tofu, Seitan and organic a plenty, plus lots of veggie and vegan beauty options too. 

Vegetarian Society – Giving you tips of how to become vegetarian and why it’s so important. 

 Good luck ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿโค๏ธ

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