The Vegan Diaries : Date at The Gate

Last night I crashed landed on your TV screen in my first ep Celebs Go Dating like a vegan version of Rihanna freewheeling around her Fenty x Puma SS18 runway show on the back of a bike. Well – I wish it looked that good anyway.

For my first date, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the lovely Will and E4 were in wait at one of my favourite veggie restaurants in town The Gate! And to make things sweeter than agave, it was at the newest location of their 3-branch business – Seymour Place, Marylebone. I’d previously visited both Angel and Hammersmith during my 2 year veggie voyage, but their S-P branch, which opened it’s doors in 2016, is definitely my favourite.

Now don’t get me wrong the conversation between Will and I flowed wonderfully but I won’t lie, my chat was well oiled by the 4-5 cocktails I’d effortlessly knocked back, even before my starter had arrived.  Now don’t judge me!! Only those who have tried The Gate’s concoctions such as their Lychee Martini or Passion Fruit Mojito will come to empathise.  As I write this today I’ve not had an alcoholic drink since 6th July, but I’m glad that one of my final flings was from their mouth watering menu.

And then – the starters! No wonder if you watched the show you’d have observed my difficulty to decide, it’s not easy when there’s Mizzo glazed aubergine and Tofu tikka both starring at you like “pick me”.
And although some might argue that it’s rude to get your phone out at dinner (in fact I think the Celebrity Dating agents berate me for this in tonight’s episode (Series 3, Episode 7) I couldn’t resist capturing the vegan view on my camera before it all got chowed down. See pics attached.

I’d love to now give you a detailed report on my main course but did I mention I sank quite a few sherberts. My memory fails me, but looking back at the A La Carte offering, and my corresponding snaps, I had the Malaysian Curry. Bang tidy.

The good thing about the gate is it wonderfully caters for veggies, vegans and the veggie curious! Plus just like the handsome Will, my meat eating friend and first date, they offer something you’d find substantial even if you’re a committed carnivore. He feasted on the veggie Aubergine Shnitzel. Vegans beware this contains cheese.

In summary The Gate are “killing it, without killing it” on so many levels.

Ambience – I mean, despite the 4 cameras around us and a 15 person crew, I felt comfortable.

Cocktails and Mocktails – Very well done, there’s something for everyone.

…and the food – even the meat eaters can get in the mood.

For more of my escapades and awkward veggie encounters, tune into E4 every week night from 10pm until the end of Sept. 2017 for Celebs Go Dating!

And last but not least …. Introducing my Vegan App “Viappi”

Viappi logo.jpg

This might be a good time to let you know that this autumn I’ll be releasing an veggie / vegan app which will act as a London restaurant guide and vegan recipe database.  So to find restaurants like The Gate, if you’re new to town, a frustrated vegan not knowing where to eat, or just curious about veggie food, click here, or the website below, and enter your name and email                                      address to be the first to find out about the official release date.   T & IG: @viappiapp 






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